Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lonsdor K518 Adding New Key for Ford Focus 2013

This a mini guide on how to use Lonsdor K518 to add new key for Ford Focus 2013

Connect Lonsdor K518 programmer to your vehicle by OBD socket.
Select Ford icon

Select Focus-->New Focus

Select 2011-2013

Select Immobilizer

Select Add Key
Then program will downloading application

It will prompt you to Insert new key and switch ignition on,follow the operation and click OK

Communication connecting,please wait...
Current key count:2

Communication connecting,please wait...

Lonsdor K518 show the PN:BV6N-14A073-ET,tap OK

Configuring system,please wait...
Reading car PIN code,please wait...

After progress bar completing,system will configuring system

The program will show Current key count:2

Tap OK
The software will display Programming complete

Lonsdor K518 Add Ford Key Video Guide:

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