Friday, January 19, 2018

Lonsdor K518 Program Add Fob for MINI Copper 2010

This post show the guide on how to use Lonsdor K518 Programmer to program key for MINI Copper 2010.

Connect the Lonsdor K518 to the MINI Copper by OBD port.
Enter the menu to select the vehicle model MINI
Select Program key

Then the software will prompt massage as below:
Will start to make dealer key
1.This can add one key (select blank position)
2.This can replace the original key
3.This can generate key via OBD2 or K518 key slot
Select OK

Please click start button once,select OK

It will show the CAS part number:9226238
CAS type:CAS3/CAS3+
Select OK,it will show vehicle info,include:
Vehicle identification number
CAS part number 9226238
Diagnostic code
Select OK,to read RAM,it will take about 1 minute...
The it show the massage,you need to follow the instructions
Remove key from ignition switch
For smart key,take it outside car
[OK] to continue
Reading key information...
K518 will show the current CAS key position info

Insert the fob into ignition again
Note:If car had been key programmed but failed,please unlock the key and restore CAS data first.

Select OK
Check the Remote key and select OK
Pull Lonsdor K518 key slot to the right and insert the key to be programmed(to identify if the key is legal and to pre-process key)
Then select OK

Current key is legal!
ID:OF 51 09 97
Generating can be continued
[OK] to continue

Writing key information...
Please put the generated key into key slot for 5 seconds

Select [OK]
If vehicle can not be started,or direction lock shows on the dashboard,please synch ELV or DME accordingly.

Select [OK]
Writing key info complete
Select [OK]

Video Guide K518 Programmer:

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