Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lonsdor K518 Peugeot 408 2013 All Key Lost Programming Guide

This is a Lonsdor K518 Programmer guide on how to programming for Peugeot 408 all key lost.In this article I will introduce the guide with text and pictures.And any problem pls sent email to

Preparation for all key lost programming:
PIN code need,you get the PIN code from below:
Owner password card
Inquire from VIN
Read out by OBD
Note:It is not recommend to remove BSI to read out PIN.

Vehicle owner password card/PIN code

OBD port location
Nowadays,many devices can read out the PIN by OBD(have work key)

Lonsdor K518 read out PIN(All key lost)
Here I take Peugeot 408 2013 as example to read the PIN code all key lost.
Power on Lonsdor K518 to select Immobilizer-->Peugeot-->Read out Authorization Code

There are two type to select:
Type 1:Please insert working key to turn ignition,then off.Repeat this operation several times to identify the security data.This type apply to the condition that you have working key.
Type 2:If you select this type,the headlight will light on and wipers will work,it will back to normal about 30s later.This type apply to all key lost or you have working key.

In this example,I will select type 2 to get PIN code and coding for all key lost.

This function allow you to get the PIN code whenever you want,and will save a dozen dollars for auto locksmiths.If you are a freshman,it will avoid the risk of BSI damaged when you remove the BSI.

Key programming:
Select immobilizer-->Peugeot-->308(Currently,408 is not in the Lonsdor K518 list,but here we can select 308 to perform the function)

Select the ignition to ON position,then click Confirm

Then software will show the vehicle info as below:
PSA number:96640587*0
Enter the PIN code,then make sure to click Confirm

Complete below operation within 15 seconds:
Turn off the ignition
Turn on the ignition
Select Confirm

The system will prompt that Program next key,please select Confirm

Perform below operation to program for next key
1. Turn off ignition and pull out key
2. Insert another blank key and turn on ignition
3. Hold on any button 5 seconds within 20 second
4. Turn off ignition and pull out key
5. Repeat step 2-step 4 to program for more key

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